The Exhibits Team designs custom interactive environments for both children and adults, worldwide.

Whether a museum exhibit, an interactive art installation, or a building master plan, we strive to create spaces for people to encounter exciting or unusual experiences involving bold action, risky undertakings and unexpected outcomes.

We believe that the industry is moving toward entertaining and educating the ENTIRE family, both young and old. How do you design an ADVENTURE, with layers of discovery that engages everyone? Families want to have authentic experiences, where the objective is not to simply mimic daily adult chores, but rather, to encounter thrilling mysteries and challenges unlike anything else they can see and do at school or home. Our work is not a cartoon. It is a selective recreation of a heroic reality, left open for individual interpretation and creative invitation.

Our capabilities are diverse; we can help clients design entire museums-- from concept through fabrication. We can consult on developing initial ideas and layouts, generating preliminary cost estimates, and providing beautiful renderings and animations, to help move your project forward. Our work includes lifestyle, history and science museums, children's museums, and interactive, public art installations. We embrace the uniqueness of each client's situation and look to add value through collaboratively revealing new awareness. We view exhibit design through the eyes of architects, educators, museum executives, donors, and invested parents-- because that is who we are too.